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Zagreb is one of European cities that has trams as one of the forms of public transport. If you take trams number 3, 9 or 12 in the center of the city, and head west, you will get to a neighborhood that is not marked in the main tourist routes. You arrive in a part of the city that, perhaps, is most in touch with the real, live, everyday Zagreb. You have arrived to Tresnjevka. Tresnjevka farmer’s market, graffiti, “dipped” with onion and mustard, Dom sportova (the biggest sports hall in Zagreb), Kutija sibica or “Matchbox” (also a sports hall), the Technical Museum…. Our most known and cherished basketball player Drazen Petrovic has played here in Cibona club and Dinamo is a football club (soccer US)

with a semi-divine status. If you don’t understand something in this text, don’t worry. Main point is you can find excellent and most affordable chevapi (minced meat fingers) in the city, and when you get to Tresnjevka farmer’s market – go to the south stands that sell the same merchandise as the north ones, only cheaper. If you arrive around 3pm, before closing, you don’t even have to haggle because the vendors are packing up for the day and lower the prices themselves. The fish market is a different story – the earlier you get there, the better. If you arrive in the early morning, the fish selection can be better than in Zadar or Split (towns on the Adriatic coast). Most of the bars and eateries are cozy, neighborhood-like, but if you’re looking for elite restaurants, pubs and cafe’s, you will find them without problems. Your nightlife is also covered. There is not many sports or recreational activities you can think of that doesn’t have a club in Tresnjevka. Do you want to get to know Zagreb in an active and attractive way, without the fancy and the posh? Tresnjevka is the place for you.

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