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Smallpox in Dubrovnik

Graphiti in Dubrovnik

Southern Dalmatia is an excellent choice for your holiday, but some caution is necessary. The south of Croatia has developed a form of civil disobedience regarding vaccination because many young parents share an opinion and an urban legend that the MO-PA-RU vaccine causes autism in children. The aforementioned vaccine is no longer used for some time now. Instead a vaccine called Priorix is in use, so all the sceptics can freely vaccinate their children, with no worries. The other problem of the central Dalmatian area is the lack of pediatricians and, therefore, professional information, consequence of which is a very low number of vaccinated children. The result of that is several cases of smallpox that occurred this sunny year of 2018. Nothing too alarming, but the Dubrovnik area has merely a 70% vaccination rate instead of targeted 95% that insures collective immunity. Before the appearance of smallpox in the Dubrovnik area, the vaccination rate was only 42%, but it has been rapidly growing in the past couple of weeks. We urge you to make sure you have been vaccinated before you plan a visit to Dubrovacko-Neretvanskacounty. Text and photo Vladimir Kinđerski, protest graffiti in Makarska, May 2018. English translation Nike Komnenic.

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