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One of the greater tourist attractions of Zagreb, a protected monument of technology, is wedged between the Josip Eugen Tomicstreet and the Lotrscak tower in the “Upper town” on the Strossmeyer walkway – the funicular. Since it was built, up until today, not one case of passenger injury was recorded although before, long ago, malfunctions were often in the steam-powered engine. That is the reason the funicular can boast as the safest mean public transport. It was first put into use on 8th of October 1890 and became a fast connection between the growing “Lower” and the old “Upper” town which was the epicenter of all meaningful events of the time. The first larger modernization of the funicular took place between 1929 and 1934. The original carts with separated “first” and “second” class passenger areas were replaced with the ones we can see today, with no partitions and larger windows. The steam-powered engine was replaced with an electrical one. That is, more or less, the funicular nowadays.
The track is 66 meters long, which makes it the shortest track-railway in the world meant for public transport.
Today, although mainly a tourist attraction, it still holds it’s place in the public transport of Zagreb. One of the most beautiful panoramic views of downtown Zagreb is from upper station of the funicular. For an even better view, just ten meters away, visit the Lotrscak tower with the famous Zagreb cannon that marks noon every day with a blast. The history of the tower and the cannon is a separate story we will tell you soon. VK

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