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Resting place of Ivan Meštrović

photo: VK

If you take the old road from Split to Knin, you have a chance to visit the final resting place of Ivan Meštrović, the artist that has contributed to the art of sculpting as Nikola Tesla has contributed to electrotechnics. The small church of The Holy Redeemer is actually a Meštrović family tomb, built in the period between 1926 and 1937 according to Ivan Meštrović’s plans and blueprints. It is located on a hill near the village of Otavice in the Dalmatinska Zagora region. You access the tomb through an alley of poplar trees and a little bridge over the river Čikola, with 110 stairs waiting for you at the end.. The building alone was never completed, but when you witness a sunset from there, you find it easy to understand Meštrović’s decision on building in that exact location.


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