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Why is Croatia a desirable holiday destination? One of the reasons is definitely safety. The incredible welcome of the “silver” Croatian football (soccer US) team with the captain Luka Modric was attended by 500 000 people flooding the streets of Zagreb, but only 5 (five) troublemakers were arrested, four out of which were released the same day. There was a bit more than 450 medical interventions, mostly due to dehydration. The FIFA World Cup held Russia was, surely, the no. 1 media event on planet Earth this year, but it was often a cause of street-riots in many countries. Twelve percent of the whole Croatian population was in the streets of Zagreb to welcome the team that day, not a riot in sight. No one else in the world, except for Japan and Iceland can accomplish that kind of statistic. A very pleasant climate, stunning nature, exquisite food, concerts, a beautiful Adriatic coastline with a thousand scattered islands, gorgeous beaches, numerous festivals and entertaining nightlife… Prices ranging from moderate and acceptable to anyone, to the most elite destinations affordable only to folks with “deep pockets”. There is not many things you can wish for on holiday that Croatia can’t provide. One of the crucial factors in tourist satisfaction is safety.
Of course, things can’t always be ideal, so here is some short tips on how to have an even safer and relaxed holiday:
1. A unified phone number for all emergencies in Croatia is 112. If you are calling from a foreign network number dial (+385) 112

2. When going on a hike or a nature-walk, be sure to bring plenty of water and wear adequate clothing and footwear. If you are not sure what kind of area you will be visiting – inform yourself and others where you are headed and for how long.

3. Do not use open fires in nature, light fires in designated places and never leave them unattended.

4. Check price-lists in festivals and night-clubs before ordering and pay immediately after getting your order. Do not carry more cash than you need at the time.

5. Do not drive tired or under the influence of alcohol. In case of car-trouble, call (+385) 1987 (Croatian Auto-Club)
Not helping a person in distress is, in Croatia and many other countries, a felony, so if you notice someone in need of medical assistance or you spot any kind of danger, do not look the other way. There is always something you can do, even just dial 112, after which professionals will come to rescue by land, air or sea. Firefighters will not get angry if you call them to put out even the smallest fire (a burning garbage bin, for instance) and a policeman will not get offended if you ask him for directions.
Enjoy your safe vacation while in Croatia.
On that note – you should, probably, avoid rides on the roof of a bus, unlike Luka Modric, Subasic, Mandzukic, Rakitic, Vida, Lovren… The photo gallery shows details of the “coming home” after winning the silver medal in the World Cup held in Russia in 2018. Notice the will to climb the roof in all of the generations of the passengers, but, luckily, no one fell. Text and photos Vladimir Kinderski, English translation Nike Komnenic & Dario Varga

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