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Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

The larger part of the collection in the is very enjoyable, even understandable, although there is a part hiding from those values. Some displays are, for an average visitor like me, just plain bad taste, dancing on the verge of hate speech, interpretation depending only on the author in these hypocritical times. If a bishop, hadji, rabi or imam make such a statement or proclamation, it is hate speech in all media, but if it spawns from a “non-conservative” mindset, it becomes art. Aesthetic values of some displays aside, be ready for both admiration and outrage because the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb will definitely not leave you indifferent. It is designed to impose upon you dialectic ideas or similar, whatever you call it.
If you don’t want to backtrack to the entrance, after viewing the exhibition, you can leave the building through two lovely, large slides enjoyed both by children and adults. The Museum building itself has great aesthetical and practical value, so it can be considered a part of the exhibition. It is located on the intersection of two avenues, Avenija Dubrovnik and Avenija Veceslava Holjevca. In the vicinity you can find other interesting locations – the lake Bundek for strolling and swimming, a shopping-mall and restaurants. Just don’t try to visit on Mondays and holidays, because the Museum is closed then, but you can’t go wrong on any other day. Text and photo VK, English translation NK

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