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Metal Art in Varazdin

To write about art of Miroslav Prikratki is art by itself.

How to describe this amazing metamorphosis of discardrd tools, screws, springs, gears, horse shoes, so metal waste which by passing trough hands of this big wizzard, is changing his first puposes and value and turns inito value work of art. From where comes this inexhaustible inspiration, imagination and playfulness?

Maybe because in the heart of this strong and serious man, stil lives a soul of happy, curiously and imaginative boy, who is ready on chalanges, Search and advanture.

Only in symbiosis of this two opppsing poles, who are sometimes in ”conflict”, but also are complementing each other, here you can understand the width of authors work.

Lyrical intoned, airy, bathed with Sun a girl in the opposite of dramatic Warior. realistic dog, horse, birds and ritual masks. Constructivistic and abstractic instalations. Precise designed balls through which comes air and light. Horse shoe in different combinations, as a part of history, as a part of good luck for present and future. One old bike trapped in the space and time as a symbol of nostalgia, as a desire for traveling, as a time which stopped, but it is turning on a circular of his wheels. One chair, table, lamp, hanger as necessary objects of our everyday life.

It is not important to count. It is important to feel, see and puzzle out.

Enter as Alice in Wonder Land.

Listen how in metal is written a poetry of past and future, how is composed a rapsody and how from the waste is made a new visual identity.

Visit without prejudice! Touch a horse shoe for luck and enjoy. Welcome in Varazdin, welcome in Croatia!

Milan Ilić, prof.

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