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Medical Travel Insurance for Your Holidays?


Is medical travel insurance needed for your holidays in Croatia or not? That depends on your country of origin, considering that every EU citizen with regular medical insurance can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). What does that mean?
• It is valid in all EU countries
• Valid only in contractual health institutions
• Covers all expenses caused by medical emergency
• Does not cover expenses of rescue, luggage or travel
To summarize, EHIC is not a replacement for medical travel insurance, but it definitely covers essential medical needs and protects you from unnecessary expenses in a vast scale. If you want better coverage, insure yourself additionally.
If your country of origin is outside of the EU, be sure to inform yourself about the medical arrangements your country has with Croatia, but don’t hesitate too much, it is advisable to have travel insurance.
Domestic tourists are in a simpler situation ‘cause the basic medical insurance covers everything the same, no matter where in the country you may find yourself. There is only one exception – chronic patients need to take their therapy with them. The prescription medication will not necessarily be prescribed by a doctor unfamiliar with the complete medical history of the patient. NK

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