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Korana Games

There used to exist something called “Jadranski susreti” or “Adriatic games”, now belonging to the past, but in the town of Slunj people have decided to evoke a piece of history. Together with the Slunj tourist board and the “Rastocki mlinari” rafting club, the town of Slunj organizes “Koranski susreti” or “Korana games”, named after the river Korana. Most people in Croatia, over the age of 40, have a clear picture of what you think when you say “Jadranski susreti”, but here is a short explanation for others. It was an event based on, first of all, fun. Second of all, sports – in, on and beside water. The competing teams are consisted of male or female competitors, old or young, there are no restrictions. Eight team-members try to win over other teams with agility and wit, but brute-force only in the raft-pulling competition. Teams have to contain at least two females, that is the rule, otherwise can be international, formed out of tourists right there on the beach, company-employees, clubs, town-folk…In that spirit, one well-deserved prize has travelled home to China this year.
There are exceptions in the team competitions – three disciplines are for individual competitors. Two are variations on jumping into the peaceful river Korana and one is a test of balance. A beauty-pageant is held to vote for “Miss Korana” and there is always a surprise event.
Applications are free for everyone, there is no entrance-fees for groups or individuals, and the organizers make sure the competitors don’t end their day hungry or, God forbid, thirsty. Thirst is not a threat even during competition because two disciplines involve drinking beer- although not for all team-members, just the ones chosen as the fastest beer-drinkers. The rest can catch-up after lunch.
The location of the event in the Korana beach is pleasant news as well. The town of Slunj is located en route to or from the Adriatic coast (D-1), so it is an ideal “pit-stop” for travelers. To reach the beach, you have to park under the only “bent” bridge in Croatia and walk fifty meters to that green heaven full of natural or man-made shade. There is a designated dog-beach, so your four-legged companion can enjoy the refreshment, too.
Riding along hot roads can also be a fun part of your holiday, if you make it that way, so inform yourself when in next August the next “Korana games” will be held. If you don’t find it fun enough to watch and cheer at the event – join the teams! All needed information is in the web-pages of the town of Slunj. You never know, maybe you can become next year’s champion of “Korana games”, but if you don’t, loads of fun and new friendships are guaranteed.

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