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Greek Word Pharos

Hvar. The name of the island derives from the Greek word „Pharos“, which means lighthouse. The Romans shaped the name Pharia from the Greek origin of the word. Pharos-Hvar was a Greek polis (a separate state or town, under the government of Greece), so you can still recognize the antic details throughout the island, many of which are still in daily use! Arrival to the island is possible via ferry from Split and Drvenik and there is a small airport with a grassy runway (LDSH).

Hvar View, foto: VK
Hvar View, photo: VK

If you’re travelling by car, we would definitely recommend the ferry line Drvenik-Sucuraj for multiple reasons. The main one is that travelling on holiday should be a form of holiday on it’s own. The small village of Drvenik can make your waiting for the ferry, which can take up to several hours, quite enjoyable. Just a few meters from the dock, you can find two lovely maintained beaches, a store, bars and restaurants, in a nutshell, all a person travelling by car needs.

Sučuraj Dock
Sučuraj Dock, photo: VK

If you decide to board the ferry in Split, you can expect heavy traffic through the city, waiting for boarding in a much larger and very hot city harbor as well as four times more expensive ferry-ticket because the trip from Split takes much longer.Make a day of it and save some money! For the price difference of the ticket from Split and from Drvenik, when you get to Hvar, you can buy several liters of prosecco, supreme dessert wine that stays in your memory for life once you try it. Driving through the island, you can find many family-based food and beverage manufacturers with roadside signs informing you about their offer. They are all registered family ranches and if you stop to buy something be sure to taste the products before you buy them. That is the custom so some of the hosts even find it offensive if you don’t want to taste the product before purchase. The tasting doesn’t obligate you to buy anything, but favors the vanity of your host, because everyone on the island believes he makes the goods a little better than everyone else.

Hvar Beach
Hvar Beach, photo: VK

Hvar is rich with beauty and lovely experiences, so we will divide this story in several articles. In the next one, we bring you debarking in Sucuraj and the arrival to Stari Grad. Text and photos VK

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