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Wildlife Ambulance – AWAP

In urban environments and on their outskirts, especially in nature and nature parks, you can find many various wildlife species like, for example, fox, weasel, mink, hedgehog, squirrel, roe deer, wild boar, snake, wolf, bear… Almost all wildlife is protected, but that doesn’t mean that you have to protect them yourself, in your home, car or plate. Just call 098/281-648 where you can reach one of the volunteers in the AWAP association that has been caring for injured wild animals for the past sixteen years. The AWAP volunteer will ask for basic information about species, location, size of the animal, nature of the injury, and if possible, a picture of the animal. If taking a picture, don’t get too close because you are adding to the stress of the animal and causing a potentially dangerous situation, so zoom or use a telephoto lens. Be extra careful if the injured animal is a mother with offspring – your brave photographer has also taken this photo with a looooong telephoto lens.

txt&foto VK, translation Nike Komnenić

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